Episode 3

Published on:

29th Jan 2024

Creating life, psychic powers, and a bonus keytar

This is an exciting episode, being the first we've recorded in the year 2024! The future is finally here, which Erik demonstrates with some sick riffs on his brand new sexy keytar!!!! Yes, you read that correctly.

In this episode, we cover these season 4 episodes:

  • Episode 8: Hug Wolf (very briefly)
  • Episode 9: Princess Monster Wife
  • Episode 10: Goliad

Also, a note for you, our favorite listener: Alexx discovered that Hulu has season 4's episodes in correct order, which can make it easier to follow along. For those watching on HBO Max, you'll have to do some searching around to listen to the correct episodes.

Check out these links!

Check out these links!

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