Episode 6

Published on:

13th Mar 2024

Nonplussed by the Prepuce

We couldn't decide whether to call this episode "Nonplussed by the Prepuce" or "The Humbug in Alexx's Navel," so make sure you find us on Bluesky and tell us we picked wrong. Cutting through enormous piles of bullshit, Alexx and Erik cover two excellent Adventure Time season four episodes in this podcast episode.

  • Episode 17 "BMO Noire"
  • Episode 18 "King Worm"

In addition, we discuss lucid dreaming, film noire, the weight of a human soul, and many other fascinating topics! Tune in, turn on, and nope out!

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Check out these links!

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Wiz Biz with Alexx and Erik
Grab your friends explore the world of Adventure Time, with plenty of stops along the way! Alexx and Erik look at the plot, influences, and hidden gems of the award-winning cartoon series.

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Erik Arneson

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Author, computer nerd, Freemason, and podcast host! Former co-host of My Alchemical Bromance, and current host of the Arnemancy podcast, as well as co-host of Wiz Biz with Alexx and Erik.

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Alexx Bollen is a writer from Portland, Oregon. He wears all black and drinks White Claw. Find his books at alexxbollen.com