Episode 8

Published on:

13th Jun 2023

Creepy train conductors, wolf-based mating rituals, rave bears, and idiotic hotdogs

It's another whizzer, where we learn that girls love fun more than anything! In this episode, Alexx and Erik burn through four season 2 episodes of Adventure Time:

  • S2 E19 "Mystery Train"
  • S2 E20 "Go With Me"
  • S2 E21 "Belly of the Beast"
  • S2 E22 "The Limit"

We are rapidly approaching the amazing season two finale, but in the meantime, enjoy some classic Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline adventures. Just remember: "Before you can talk to the chief, you must party with the chief. It is the only way!"

(Thanks, Party Pat.)

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