Published on:

7th Dec 2023

Season 4 Trailer

Get ready for season 4! It's going to be mathematical!!

What's coming up this season? So many good things!

  • The Lich returns!
  • The Nightosphere beckons!
  • Lemongrab whines!
  • BMO brightens our day!
  • Disastrous fiery smooches!

Season 4 of Wiz Biz with Alexx and Erik will be arriving on December 19th! Get ready!

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About the Podcast

Wiz Biz with Alexx and Erik
Grab your friends explore the world of Adventure Time, with plenty of stops along the way! Alexx and Erik look at the plot, influences, and hidden gems of the award-winning cartoon series.

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Erik Arneson

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Author, computer nerd, Freemason, and podcast host! Former co-host of My Alchemical Bromance, and current host of the Arnemancy podcast, as well as co-host of Wiz Biz with Alexx and Erik.

Alexx Bollen

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Alexx Bollen is a writer from Portland, Oregon. He wears all black and drinks White Claw. Find his books at